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The Princess Assassin's Blade (Dragonshadow Chronicles Book 1)

On Writing The Princess Assassin's Blade

As you may have read on my social media, I share my KM McKenna pen name with my lovely book world bestie Margo Bond Collins. We began this project as a story to include elsewhere but at the last moment decided its home was in Wicked Souls.

It was the night before the story needed to be uploaded for another project and we said to each other (at 1 a.m. over coffee) that we thought this story needed to be a reverse harem with some saucy, sassy bits by our no-nonsense rebel heroine, Princess Baera. I'd already written some funnies from Baera's point of view and proceeded to write some sappy bits from Voryn's viewpoint since he wouldn't shut up until I wrote his side of things into the story.

From there Margo swooped in and waved her magic wand over the story to include some great action and dialogue to really get the story moving. She is a more experienced writer than I am, and she is also better at action sequences and dialogue, so I stuck to the prose, describing everything in more depth as she danced around me throwing fairy dust everywhere.

The finished product became the beginning of The Princess Assassin's Blade, book one of the Dragonshadow series we are writing. It is also set in our Dragonsoul world, a project that I will share with you all in the coming months. We hope you enjoy our short and the many others in Wicked Souls!

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