Autumn Vibes and ARCs!

Happy September Fierce Furies community! Here in New England, the weather is already starting to cool, so it’s time to break out the sweaters and fuzzy socks! Yay!!

Autumn is my favorite time of year, so to celebrate I am bringing you some goodies! I hope you enjoy them.

I find that I get the most writing done in autumn, and I also love to (attempt to) make a dent in my ever-growing to be read pile. This fall, I am re-reading the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series by Stephen R. Donaldson as research for a series I am writing (but more news on that later.) Thomas Covenant is on the darker side of epic fantasy, features an anti-hero protagonist, has 10 books in the series and is definitely a recommended read.

This September is really special because I have my story The Princess Assassin’s Blade featured in the Wicked Souls collection, written under my alter ego KM McKenna. If you’re into reverse harem, then you’re in for a treat (no tricks, promise!) because this collection has over 30 reverse harem stories packed between the covers (ahem!). And all of these autumn holiday stories will be available just in time for the spookiest part of the year.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you can snag it here – we are only about a week away from release day, and I can’t wait for it to hit your e-reader! There’s also a special giveaway if you share Wicked Souls, so make sure you claim your entries!

You can also grab an ARC of The Princess Assassin’s Blade HERE. If you enjoy it, I hope you will leave a review as you sip a great cup of hot tea (or coffee, if that’s your jam!)

So now on to the good stuff – have a great September! And as always, thanks for staying on board with me here. I really appreciate it!




The Princess Assassin’s Blade (Dragonshadow Chronicles Book 1)

The Princess Assassin’s Blade is a fantasy dragon shifter reverse harem romance that will be included exclusively in Wicked Souls, a limited edition reverse harem romance collection of short stories.

You can find out what happens to Baera, a mage princess who finds herself in the middle of a war between her kingdom and the Dragonlands while picking up a few handsome men vying for her attention along the way. In this epic fantasy reverse harem, Baera gets to have her cake and eat it too– because when you can have three sexy warriors risking it all for you, why choose only one?

You can get an arc of the short version here.



If you’re like me you love a good giveaway! Here are a few I thought you might enjoy! The first is a special giveaway that is super easy to enter – all you have to do is share Wicked Souls from the giveaway page and you can stack up your entries!

The prizes? A Kindle Paperwhite, a $25 Book Beau gift card, a $25 Amazon gift card, two surprise #whychoose items, a one month book box from {insert provider here}, Wicked Souls swag, ebooks and paperbacks from the authors of  the Wicked Souls collection, and swag from some of the authors of Wicked Souls!


(WS giveaway goes here)






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